About us

A family place created by Enterprise company for your business

Ever since we’ve started out as two young entrepreneurs in the dot-com bubble era, we were extra interested in the world of Security and Ethernet Services.

SeFlow was established in 2004 with one main concept in mind: being something different and unique. With SeFlow, customers will not only have a valuable technological partner but also a wide range of value-added services to help their business thrive. The initial intention soon turned to reality with BBMSupport, the new concept of IT assistance.

SeFlow is a highly innovative IT services provider that offers high-quality hosting services, among the best in Europe, thanks to its partnership with the industry’s biggest and most reliable operators and a team of highly specialised technical engineers always up-to-date on the latest business continuity and disaster recovery techniques available on the market.

Our Focuses

Dedicated Hosting

We build our servers in-house with latest premier class hardware available.

DDoS Mitigation

Our DDoS protected Network is monitored 24/7 by our SOC. Protect your Network or Server with high qualified Security staff.

IP transit

Our 100G DDoS protected Backbone connected to 19 IX and major tier1 provider guarantee you best performance in the market!


Cloud Istances

Dedicated Servers

The Team Widget

Matteo Berlonghi

Matteo Berlonghi

Co-Founder & Visionary. Now is SOC & Backbone Manager
Marco Bramè

Marco Bramè

Co-Founder & Marketing. Now is Billing Manager
Carlos Cardozo

Carlos Cardozo

IT Manager & Inventor

Do you have any kind of a practical experience when it comes to either Ethernet Services, backbone, DDoS Mitigation or anything similar?



Q: What are your customer base?

A:  Our customizable products was born to fit any customer needs. In our portfolio, we have a person that needs to host his little project, medium size company that need a protected and stable place to grow and enterprise that search guarantees and reliability. Does not matter what is your budget, our experts will guide you to find the best solution for your needs.

Q: Are my data secure from physical access?

A: All our data centers offer 24/7 security which involves security guard patrol, continuous CCTV surveillance of external/internal areas, access control permissions, ID verification and card-key access into the data center.

Q: How many bandwidth do you have?

A: We offer combined network connectivity of 1 Tbps across all data centers. All our providers are Tier-1 multi-homed and running on full fiber to ensure the best latency. Some of the providers include Centurylink, CogentCo, HE and more. We are connected to 19 Internet exchange worldwide and have various Private Peerings.

Q: Can you protect my online presence from external attacks (like DDoS) ?

A: We offer protection against all known attacks, with a guaranteed minimum of 10 Gbps and 6,000,000 packets per second Heuristic based DDoS mitigation, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats 99.9% Best Effort SLA Standard 24/7/365 ticket or telephone support.

We review and accept business requests on a 24/7 basis. Contact us now…