SeFlow is an innovative IT company that offer premier class dedicated and virtual hosting services. Details


ValhallaAPP is a simple Windows application that wraps the administration area of SeFlow Services in an easy to use window. The application will sit in your windows system tray without exiting unless you explicitly exit the application from the menu or tray icon.

SeFlow, Innovative Service

SeFlow S.N.C. was founded in 2004 with the - different company - concept. with SeFlow, the customer will not only have a technology partner, but a series of value-added services that will allow you to expand your business. The intention is then transformed into reality with BBMSupport Managed Services, the new concept of customer care. BBMSupport is our philosophy.



  • CloudFlow vDatacenter

    Unlimited VM
    Datacentre Redundancy
    DNS Anycasth
    Worldwide CDN

    Monthly: from € 1.00

  • Intel Xeon3430

    8192 MB DDR3 ECC RAM
    500GB GB Hard Disk
    100 Mbps Bandwidth
    Unmanaged Support

    Monthly: € 23.00

  • i7 4770

    16384 MB DDR3 ECC RAM
    2000GB sATA Hard Disk
    10TB Bandwidth
    Unmanaged Support

    Monthly: € 41.00

  • Xeon E3 1230

    16384 MB DDR3 ECC RAM
    2 x 2TB sATA Hard Disk
    10TB Bandwidth
    Unmanaged Support

    Monthly: € 66.00