SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates

With our SSL Certificate, sensitive data like credit card numbers or personal information are secured with 256 bit encryption.

Domain V. SSL

Secure Domains within minutes
4,99per year
  • Domain Validation SSL
  • 256 bit Encryption
  • Low Trust Level
  • Free Reissurance
  • Express 5 min issuance
  • 10k $ Warranty
  • Multi-Domain SSL
All Certificates

Extended V. SSL

Green Address Bar
91,83per year
  • Business Validation SSL
  • 256 bit Encryption
  • Highest Trusted level
  • Free Reissurance
  • 2-7 Days issuance
  • 50k $ Warranty
  • Multi-Domain SSL
ALL Certificates

Why choose an SSL Certificate

Guaranteed Security

Round-the-clock security for your website

Extended Validation

Display your company name on the Address bar

Strongest Encryption

Military-Grade SHA2 & ECC 256 bit encryption

Supports all Browsers

Your security is intact on every web browser

Address bar Visibility

Display your secured state to your audience

Secure all Sub-domains

Encrypt all your mini-sites with WildCard SSL

SSL Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SSL Certificate?


A:  A SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that is issued for a domain by the Certificate Authority, in this case Comodo. You must purchase a SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process to be issued with the certificate. This verification is conducted by the Certificate Authority.



Why should I purchase a Comodo SSL Certificate for my domain name?


A: Getting an SSL Certificate has two major advantages:

  • It encrypts the information sent from your user’s browser to your website
  • It authenticates your website’s identity

By doing this, a SSL Certificate protects your customers and in turn, increases their trust in your business and your website. This is important if your website requires users to log in using passwords or sensitive information like credit card information.



Does your SSL Certificate work on all browsers?


A:  Yes, all our SSL Certificates are compatible with all major and popular browsers active today.



Do I need any technical knowledge to set up a SSL Security Certificate for my domain name?


A:  While it isn’t difficult to install a SSL certificate, you need to follow a series of steps. Our buying process will drive you.



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