Purchasing Multiple TLDs for One Site

Purchasing Multiple TLDs for One Site

One of the greatest things about being a user for our company’s web hosting services is that you’ll have an easy and a courtesy free access to one of our best features – the scripts and CMSs autoinstaller.

With such options as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and multiple other content and forum, gallery or portfolio managing engines available, one of them truly stands out…

Out of all the CMS systems out there and available in our autoinstaller, WordPress is probably the most popular one and this means, the best?

Anyways, in order to install it you will need to partake just a few simple steps, such as these:

  • -Open Autoinstaller in your cPanel
  • -Choose WordPress and press install
  • -Follow the link
  • -Fill out all the necessary logins, titles, passwords and other info required

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