DDoS Protection and IP transit from € 0,20/mbps

Dedicated Servers From € 24,00/m

NVMe KVM Servers with dedicated CPU cores from € 2,49/m

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NVMe KVM & Server Dedicati

NVMe Cloud

Disponibili in 7 Locations
  • 1 3,5+Ghz CPU Core
  • 1152MB RAM
  • 15GB Spazio NVMe
  • 500Mbps Illimitati
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Protezione DDoS

Mitigazione DDoS per Reti e DCs
  • Collegamento GRE Tunnel o Fibra
  • 100Gbps Protezione DDoS
  • API & Statistiche Live
  • Protezione AlwaysON

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NVMe Cloud Servers

3,2Ghz+ Dedicated Core CPU, NVMe exclusive i/o for unbeatable performances

Customize Now from € 2,49/m

Dedicated Servers

We use only Premier Class hardware for our dedicated servers .

Customize Now from € 24,00/m

DDoS Protected IP Transit

SeFlow IP Transit service offers the best value in the market place. We offers high quality, scalable and affordable DDoS Protected bandwidth …

Get Connected from € 0,20/Mbps

Remote DDoS Protection

Protect your Network and Datacenter from DDoS Attacks. Is easy and not need investments with SeFlow…

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SSL Certificates

With SSL Certificate, sensitive data like credit card numbers or personal information are secured with 256 bit encryption…

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Domains Management

Defend your online brand with our professional domain service with best price guaranteed….

Register from € 4,49

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A Single Solution to Offer Your Customers Backup, Disaster Recovery and File Sync & Share Services.

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CloudFlow is now SeFlow Cloud

We’re happy to announce that CloudFlow is now SeFlow Cloud. It was 2011 when SeFlow announced to the public the release of CloudFlow, the first Italian Self-Service platform based on distributed SANs. Today, CloudFlow becomes SeFlow Cloud, as the name suggests, no marketing, just substance.
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SeFlow joined into Tbps Network club

SeFlow joined into Tbps Network club Today we (AS49367) connected new multiple 100Gbps uplinks with TISparkle and upgraded PNI with Google to 4x10Gbps in Milan for a total of 1,21Tbps Network capacity. Sparkle is a leading global telecommunication service provider, offering a complete range of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions designed
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Mikrotik O.S. – DNS cache poisoning vulnerability

DNS cache poisoning vulnerability Tenable has identified a vulnerability in RouterOS DNS implementation. RouterOS 6.45.6 and below is vulnerable to unauthenticated remote DNS cache poisoning via Winbox. The router is impacted even when DNS is not enabled. One possible attack vector is via Winbox on port 8291 if this port is open to untrusted networks. The resolver can be reached via
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