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  • TotalControl

Having complete control of your service allows you to reduce management costs and times. Responding quickly to blocking events is fundamental to maintaining your high reputation.

SeFlow’s TotalControl technology allows full control over your servers, both BareMetal (Dedicated) and Virtual. With the virtual console, you can customize every aspect, starting with the BIOS and Raid controller. If you lose remote access you can immediately recover it without waiting for assistance. With simplified reimaging management, you can reinstall your server as many times as you want with just one click, change the operating system and partitioning. A complete ISO system allows you to install a non-standard version of the operating system.

Full Control

with one click.


Power is nothing without Control

Instant Activation

All servers are self-installing to minimize service activation times.

Virtual Console

Access your server from an Independent Console even if you lose access to your Operating System.

Automatic Reimaging

Install the Operating System as many times as you want, with one click.

ISO support

Upload your own custom ISO and install your Operating System with the Virtual Console.

Rescue Mode

Start rescue mode if your Operating System no longer starts, and recover data easily.

Partner Program

With a complete API system, you can resell the service in just a few clicks.