CloudFlow is now SeFlow Cloud

We’re happy to announce that CloudFlow is now SeFlow Cloud.

It was 2011 when SeFlow announced to the public the release of CloudFlow, the first Italian Self-Service platform based on distributed SANs. Today, CloudFlow becomes SeFlow Cloud, as the name suggests, no marketing, just substance.

SeFlow Cloud DashBoard

SeFlow Cloud is a completely Self-Service platform, it is possible, in few clicks,  create cloud environments and servers with hourly billing (find out how billing on SeFlow Cloud works), register and maintain domains, purchase licenses (Windows, Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin ), use Cloud Backup services in remote data centers and more. The platform is completely automatic and “human execution time free”, all services are immediately available and managed through the credit in your account. Forget multiple payments, dozens of invoices, and administrative burdens, each purchase is managed by account balance. You can still pay for every order if you prefer!



But what are the big news of SeFlow Cloud?

Distributed SAN – all nodes are now connected to a private 40 Gbps network. Upgrade was transparent and already done. New and existing VM will now benefit from new performances.

Zone NVMe – We introduced NVMe zones (HA zones still exist), based on NVMe technology. They are characterized by high write/read speeds making them perfect for databases and big data applications. Details

Packages and Custom Resource – You can now create VMs from packages or build as you prefer. Checkout plans and the new price lists.

Website Accelerator – Assign to your  VM an IP from the “Accelerated Network” class, set up your websites, and you will be accelerated. We will automatically add them to our CDN and your website can speed up to 100%

Notifica Credito – You can now customize low balance alerting settings. Choose the threshold, email, and if choose or not the alert.


Many other features are available and will be introduced in SeFlow Cloud. For CloudFlow owners, the migration was transparent and the new solution is already available in the Customer portal with all the news.

The SeFlow Cloud public offering is available at the link